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J Bentley Gets the Best Deal for Your Commercial Insurance

J Bentley would be honored to help you find the perfect policy to cover your Commercial Insurance needs. There’s always a little more involved when you are in business—whether it is a small business or a field of expertise or a major conglomeration. The most common parts of Commercial Insurance include: Property, Liability and Workman’s Comp. Property Insurance covers any type of damage or destruction to the actual structure or property of your business. Liability will cover any injuries or damage to property of customers or guests to your business. Workmen’s’ Compensation will cover the medical expenses and loss of income when one of your employees is injured while on the job.

In certain fields of expertise, you may be required or want to carry these other types of insurance:

  • Debris Removal Insurance – to cover the removal of damage after a fire, etc
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance – to cover partially built structures before they are finished and fully insured
  • Tenant’s Insurance – covers damage by your employees, etc while renting
  • Malpractice Insurance – or Professional Liability Insurance covers costs of mistakes made by different professionals such as doctors, dentists, real estate reps, accountants, etc.
  • Commercial Automobile Insurance – covers all aspects of auto insurance for business vehicles.
  • Business Interruption Insurance – If your business is stalled due to fire, etc this insurance will cover salaries, loss of income for a set amount of time.

As you can see, there are a lot of variables in determining the correct insurance policies for commercial use. There can be a lot at stake and we are committed to making sure you are protected enough without paying too much.

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