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Your home is usually your most valuable asset. Home Insurance is required by your mortgage lender so in the event of damage to your home, they will get their investment back. It is important not to settle on just any insurance. J Bentley is dedicated to making certain you get the most coverage for the least amount of money. Not just for the mortgage finance company, but you need to be able to know you can rebuild or restore your home when damage occurs.

It is important to get professional advice when determining the amount of insurance needed for your home. Protection can be adjusted in four specific areas: coverage on the structure of your residence, coverage for your personal belongings, liability protection and coverage for additional living expenses.

Home Insurance covers damage on part or all of the actual structure of your home, garage, sheds, or other out buildings due to fire, hail, lightening, or other disasters. Traditional policies do not cover flood, hurricane or routine wear and tear. It is recommended to carry enough insurance to rebuild your home.

Liability Home Insurance covers any medical injuries incurred by guests on your property. However, it will not cover medical expenses to you or your family members. If someone files a lawsuit against you, your court costs and judgement will be paid up to your covered amount.  Liability insurance takes care of damage to others caused by you, your family members or pets.

Home Owners Insurance for personal belongings covers the cost (less a deductible you pay) of your stolen or damaged personal belongings. If you have an expensive collection of valuable guns, jewelry or others belongings, you may need extra insurance to cover them.

The Additional Living Expenses portion of your home insurance would pay for a place to live and food to eat while rebuilding.

We are on mission to help make sure you are covered in case of a disaster yet we do not want to sell you more than you need just to give you a higher insurance bill.

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